West Bay Swimmers Action Group protest against catastrophic scale of sewage in our seas

West Bay Swimmers Action Group protest against catastrophic scale of sewage in our seas

West Bay Swimmers

Members of the recently formed West Bay Swimmers Action Group, which campaigns to improve water quality in our rivers and seas, assembled on East Beach to protest about sewage pollution in the sea. The action was part of the Great Big Green Week, organised by Friends of the Earth.
Current legislation requires water companies to treat water ‘effectively’ and only permits overflows to discharge untreated sewage in ‘exceptional circumstances’. But the group says that’s not what is happening in practice.
A spokesman said: “In the UK in 2023 there were over 464,000 sewage overflows, equivalent to over 1,200 sewage releases every day.
“Swimmers at West Bay, and elsewhere, are badly impacted by these overflows as are many other water users. Sewage releases make it impossible to swim in the sea, and pose a risk to human health, as well as threatening marine life.
“As part of our campaign to improve water quality and raise awareness of the impact of sewage pollution in the sea, The West Bay Swimmers Action Group are applying to DEFRA for bathing water quality status for East Beach. This would mean that the water quality would be tested regularly throughout the bathing season, currently defined as May to September.”
Another group member said: “Water quality in our rivers and sewage pollution caused by the water companies has become a critical issue in the General Election.”
The group welcome new members, particularly swimmers and other water users, who would like to join their campaign.
Further info from westbay swimmersactiongroup.org

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