Bridport businesses back campaign to keep it local

Bridport businesses back campaign to keep it local

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Scores of businesses in Bridport are taking part in Totally Locally Bridport’s Magic Tenner campaign until July 30, to highlight the importance of buying local and organisers are urging all the town’s independents to take part.
Team member Kim Squirrell said: “The Magic Tenner is a brilliant opportunity to find out more about your local retailers and the other local businesses that supply them with services or goods, we’re so lucky here in Bridport to have such a range of independent businesses with a wealth of knowledge and experience they’re ready to share.
“As with all our campaigns it’s all about starting a conversation about what a heathy local economy looks like and what we can do to ensure Bridport continues to be a vibrant and distinctive place to live. To that end we’ll be setting up a stall during the Magic Tenner campaign to share and celebrate the whole range of Bridport independents.”
This is the idea behind it all:
There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into the local economy can be over £50!
Imagine picking up a pie for your lunch. If you buy a locally-made pie from a local shop, a big part of your money is passed on to the local piemaker.
The shop employs a local accountant or even a decorator. In turn, the piemaker who sources his ingredients from a local farm spends a big percentage of his money with the farmer.
The farmer then spends some of his money at his local garage, the garage owner then…
To take part email totallylocalllybridport@ or call Roy on 07429 102645.

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