Parents, pupils and staff at Bridport Primary School celebrate ‘good’ Ofsted

Parents, pupils and staff at Bridport Primary School celebrate ‘good’ Ofsted

Bridport Ofsted 1

Bridport Primary School is a ‘happy and welcoming place’ and has been rated ‘good’ after a recent Ofsted inspection.
The 330-strong school was praised for its inclusivity. Inspectors said staff have ‘high expectations for pupils, including those with special educational needs or disabilities’.
The school was part of Minerva Learning Trust which has merged with Wimborne Academy Trust to form Initio Learning Trust.
Headteacher Michaela Kite said: “It is some time since the last inspection and this report recognises the considerable effort and hard work that has gone into making the school what it is now. The inspection was robust but fair; we believe inspectors gained a good understanding of what it means to be a member of the Bridport Primary School community. It was heartening to read how our pupils are ‘polite and considerate towards each other. We are especially proud that pupils’ personal, social and emotional development is an ‘emerging strength’.
“Our curriculum was also praised, and inspectors noted how our children enjoy reading. We are proud of the extra-curricular activities we offer, and the report praised how pupils take on responsibilities and make a genuine difference to school life. There will always be areas to develop, and we are all working hard to ensure the school keeps improving.”

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