Volunteers needed to revive Sherborne Abbey café

Volunteers needed to revive Sherborne Abbey café

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The Sherborne Abbey Social Committee have issued a plea for volunteers to help revive the fund-raising café.

Traditionally Sherborne Abbey Social Committee has organised a fund-raising café in the Digby Memorial Hall on Pack Monday, October 17.
But after coronavirus restrictions enforced a two-year break, the committee hope to revive the café again this year, but need some help.
Frances Walker said: “It is always a very busy day but well worth all the hard work, not only as a fundraiser, but also as an act of outreach to the wider community.
“Unfortunately, we cannot run the café without a lot of extra help, so before we make the firm decision to go ahead with the café this year, we are making a plea for volunteers to sign up for a one or two-hour slot on the sheet at the back of the abbey. I do hope that together we can make this work.”

Pack Monday Fair is an annual event held in Sherborne, which begins on October 10 – the old Michaelmas Day. Oroginally an agricultural fair, it now boasts stalls, sideshows and a funfair.

The origins of the fair are unknown, although it is believed to be a historic customer for boys and young men to blow horns in the evenings through the streets several weeks before the fair.

According to one local tradition, the fair began following the completion of building SHerborne Abbey, when the workmen packed up their tools and held a fair in the churchyard.

If anyone would like to be involved and pick up a shift get in touch with Frances on 01935 817147 or email frances_walker@btinternet.com

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