Boundary lines are drawn

Boundary lines are drawn

boundary commission map

The Boundary Commission has made its final recommendations on constituency borders in West, South and North Dorset – with some rather perplexing changes.
The moves are aimed at equalising the number of voters in each constituency.
But rather than moving borders based on geography, it seems the commission has made its decisions based on council wards.
Sherborne, in the north of West Dorset, remains in West Dorset, while the villages of Tolpuddle and Puddletown, to the south of the constituency, are being handed to MP Simon Hoare in North Dorset.
However Cerne Valley and Piddle Valley, to the north of the Puddles, which had also been earmarked for Mr Hoare’s patch, will remain in West Dorset.
Chickerell, which has long been an anomaly, with a Weymouth address but residing in West Dorset, will be handed to Richard Drax in South Dorset. But Upwey and Broadwey, which had been pencilled in to move to West Dorset, will stay in South Dorset.
The changes have resulted in very wiggly lines between the constituencies, likely to give voters a bit of a headache as they try to pinpoint who their current MP is.
And the decision has baffled those in Tolpuddle and Puddletown.
Charlotte Park said: “I live in North Dorset. Honestly it’s not a bad thing. But the boundaries will be very confusing. My parents live in Puddletown. I live 20 miles away.”
Mike Crankshaw said: “Beggars belief – what these muppets will think up next? I can get to the coast from Puddletown in 15-20 minutes, yet it takes nearly 50 minutes to get to Shaftsbury, which is actually in North Dorset!! I despair!!”
Penny Ruddock said: “We are NOT, nor have we ever been part of north Dorset, and why these two villages? Both of them are south of the A35 and everything else is north of it.”
West Dorset MP Chris Loder said: “I am satisfied with the outcome of the Boundary Commission’s Final Recommendations.
“What was initially proposed late last year would have substantially changed the character of West Dorset. I am glad that the Boundary Commission listened to the hundreds of constituents who submitted their feedback, and to myself and Richard Drax MP who wrote a joint letter in opposition to the proposals.”
North Dorset MP Simon Hoare said: “I welcome and support the current proposals for the North Dorset Constituency. It is a great relief that the Dorset Council area has retained four parliamentary seats. The removal of a split ward is also sensible. In short the proposals put forward by the Commission look and feel right and sensible.”

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