Caundle Marsh tractor run captured the hearts of village folk

Caundle Marsh tractor run captured the hearts of village folk

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A celebratory tractor run and raffle raised £1,172 for the Caundle Marsh community.
Some 55 tractors assembled on Hiscocks’ farm off the A3030 earlier this month for the fundraising event.

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Organised by the Caundle Marsh Parochial Church Council and led by James and Di Hiscock, the event saw drivers and other workers lining up for breakfast cooked by Di and her family.
Di told the West Dorset Magazine: “The tractors varied from the most modern to older vehicles, some in sparkling order and others wearing their age well.
“The start of the tractor run at about 10am was marked with a blessing given by our benefice Rector Tony Gilbert.”

Tractors Caundle Marsh 2
Headed by Tim Hiscock driving his Ford 6810 tractor and towing a trailer with passengers, the run made its way around a 22-mile course before returning around 1.30pm for the raffle.
Di added: “This event means our parish has, for a second year running, raised sufficient funds to pay all our church bills and find a sum to donate to a charity which our church council will choose at our next meeting.”

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