Female dancers are all a jingle for the first time at Lyme Morris

Female dancers are all a jingle for the first time at Lyme Morris

Lyme Morris Group

The Lyme Morris group has welcomed three women dancers for the first time in its history.
Following a relaunch and several successful recruitment events, five new dancers have joined up.
Lyme Morris Squire Peter Morton said: “We have had a very successful and fun time introducing new members especially the girls into the side. They have given us a new look and different dimension.
“We are moving forward with new dances and would relish more people, girls and lads, locally to come and give Morris dancing a try. It’s so much fun.”
The revitalised side’s first major performance was at the recent joint Morris organisations’ Day of Dance in Exeter. This was followed by a special performance at the Lyme Regis Town Mill in collaboration with Lyme Morris’ new sponsor Lyme Regis Brewery.
New recruit Emma Ellynn has always enjoyed watching Morris dancing so attended a Lyme Morris recruitment event last year. Since joining the side, Emma said she has found there are many benefits: “The dancing requires concentration and focus and is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day.
“It uses coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. It’s also good for stamina as some of it can be quite high-energy. In fact, it is a really enjoyable workout that is fun and very social.”
Vickie Stickler’s interest in Morris dance came from her studies of the history and folklore of Britain.
“Morris dancing is such an integral part of the rural identity of our country,” she said. “Learning the dances makes you feel connected to that history. In true Lyme Regis style though, we add our own twist to the classics and one of my favourite dances is to Queen’s legendary We Will Rock You.”
Dancer Jennifer Guest was also a fan of Morris dancing before joining the side. She said: “I get such a buzz from dancing in public. There is great camaraderie in the group and it is so much fun.”
You can see Lyme Morris performing regularly on the Lyme Regis seafront or at various festivals in Dorset and Devon. Lyme Morris’ annual day of dance will be taking place on Saturday, July 15 when Morris sides from across the South West and beyond will be descending on Lyme Regis to perform.
Lyme Morris encourages new dancers to join this fun and social side. Musicians are also urgently needed to help the group perform. For more information contact Peter at petemorton56@googlemail.com

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