Final push for faceless clock to ring again in Yetminster

Final push for faceless clock to ring again in Yetminster

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A restoration campaign for the oldest working pendulum clock to ring again at St Andrew’s Church in Yetminster has been launched by The Friends who are appealing to the community and beyond to dig deep and help raise the final £15,000.
The faceless clock was built in 1683 and is of national significance. The National Anthem was installed in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and would play at three-hourly intervals.
And for those who live and work in this village, the clock was a much-loved and familiar part of their lives.
So, when the clock fell silent a year ago, the Friends of St Andrew’s Church rallied and reached out for £30,000 so reputable clock maker Smith of Derby can replace the worn parts and improve the winding systems – taking the clock forward in good condition.
Having raised £15,000 from generous grants and donations, the Friends are reaching out to the community as a final push.
Churchwarden Clare Lindsay said: “The Friends of St Andrew’s are fundraising to help restore our famously rare and historic Tower Clock, and we are asking the whole community of Yetminster and friends beyond, for your help with the costs.
“For us in Yetminster, the clock is a much loved and familiar part of our lives, and the sound of the bells ringing out over our houses and the fields beyond, has been greatly missed since it fell silent a year ago.
“The clock carillon also plays the National Anthem when it was installed by local benefactors for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, and is very rare, and possibly unique.
“For the Platinum Jubilee of HM The Queen this year, the carillon was operated manually to ring out as part of our Jubilee Celebrations.
“This will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the whole village, with family and friends, to get the clock working again, so that it will chime out for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren too!”
The message to friends, family, residents and anyone who is sentimental about this little piece of history, is a resounding ‘Save Our Clock’.
Clare added: “Please give whatever you can to help us achieve our target – we are over half way there, thanks to generous grants and donations.”
n To donate email treasurer.yetminsterpcc@, or Geoff or Clare on churchwarden.yet
For cash donations, there is a donations slot in the table as you come into the church.
For information about St Andrew’s Friends please email pccsec.yetminster

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