Having a ball at the Lighthouse in Poole with Cinderella

Having a ball at the Lighthouse in Poole with Cinderella

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When a costume makes you laugh out loud, you know it’s going to be a stonker of a show.
The moment the Ugly Sisters (Alim Jadavji and Andrew Pollard) appeared in their bikinis I started laughing – they were absolutely hilarious. Their timing was impeccable.
One of the many stand-out stars of the show was Fairy Godmother Lauren Azania. The woman possesses an epic voice, which lent itself superbly to the many 70s disco classics and modern day hits in the show. Her sidekick trainee fairies Ethan Cawthorn and Tilda Collecott were great fun and the trio provided a super alternative to the usual Fairy Godmother schtick.
Cinderella herself (Charlotte Wood) also had a great voice – in fact the singing was possibly the best throughout the cast that I’ve ever heard in a panto.
Chris Jarvis kept the action moving and the laughs coming as Buttons, while Simon Rawlings’ Baron Hardup was a great character – often the Baron seems a bit of a watery cove, but Simon drew out a likeable, bumbling fellow.
Prince Charming (Tyger Drew Honey) and Dandini (Alex Vass) had a great rapport as Dandini tried to hide his unrequited love for the prince and help him find his true love.
The choreography, the set – and those amazing costumes – all combined to provide a riotously funny, entertaining night at the Lighthouse, keeping me, and my 14-year-old son Robert, laughing for a good couple of hours.
There were no weak links, no dropping of the ball throughout. Highly recommended for a fabulous night out.
To book go to lighthousepoole.co.uk or call 01202 280000.

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