In it to twin it! Dorchester Bayeux Twinning Society are appealing for new members

In it to twin it! Dorchester Bayeux Twinning Society are appealing for new members

Dorchester Bayeux Society Christmas lunch 2022

The Dorchester Bayeux Twinning Society may “wither and die” if it cannot find new members in 2023, its chairman has warned.
Gareth Jones says maintaining strong links with our continental counterparts is more important now than ever before in the wake of Brexit and the ongoing war in Ukraine.
Mr Jones told West Dorset Magazine: “At one point our numbers grew to around 150 in the 1980s and members started forming friendships that continue to this day.
“Now those numbers are dwindling, and the average age of members is going up. Societies on both sides of the Channel are now warning that unless something is done, the social twinning side of the organisation will wither and die.
“As chairmen, my French counterpart and I agreed to try and make every effort to try and attract new members.
“It’s not an easy task and one of the key parts of attracting new members is to let them know we exist.
“One of the things we’re planning is airing a series of French films for the public this year.”
Explaining the importance and history of twinning, Mr Jones said: “The official twinning links with Bayeux – of Tapestry fame – were formed between the two town councils in 1959. That came about because the Dorset Regiment were the first soldiers to enter the town in 1944.
“The Dorchester Bayeux Twinning Society was established with the aim to promote and participate in twinning events between the towns. As well as individual family friendships that have flourished, organisations have benefited from exchange visits including music and sports groups, and local schools.
“A similar twinning society was established with Lubbecke, Germany in 1973, opening the way for three-way activities.
“We feel that with the current separation between Britain and the EU, plus the need to pull together during conflicts, twinning is even more important than ever.
“We are now looking at ways to reinvigorate twinning activity for the benefit of all – starting with awareness.”
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  • Diana Gadsby February 18, 2024

    I am rather late with my comments for which I apologise.
    I had been intending to join the Bayeux Dorchester Twinning for some time since I moved back nearer to Dorchester. Then along came Covid and a few other things so it is my new years resolution to apply.
    I am, however, rather confused with the your date of the inorgoration of the twunning. I went to Bayeux on an exchange in 1958 and in was definately in existance that year and i believed it was started in 1957.

  • Sylvia Holt nee Dowell June 5, 2024

    I went on an exchange visit to Bayeux from the Greenschool (DCSG) in Dorchester in 1957. We were the first to visit after the war and were feted as Les Liberateurs! The town came out to greet us and we were cheered wherever we went. They returned the visit later in the year …I remember being in the middle of my o levels when they came, so my French girl stayed for a few days with the then Mayor of Dorchester. I still have the scrap book with all my pictures and press cuttings.
    The tapestry was at that time pinned up around the walls of the Cathedral with no protection as I recall.
    We were taken to pay our respect at the war graves in Arromanches and Bayeux, and on a day trip to Mt St Michel. It was the start of a life long love of France.

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