Writing’s on the wall for Colfox School students’ massive mural

Writing’s on the wall for Colfox School students’ massive mural

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Young artists from Bridport’s Colfox School have created what is believed to be the UK’s biggest mural.
Evoking themes of work/life balance and living by the coast, the 133-metre mural is the result of a youth-led project supported by Bridport Arts Centre.

Mural 2022 07 29 at 07.33.55
Funding for the mural, which has been painted on the exterior wall of Bridport FC’s grounds, was provided by Bridport Town Council and Dorset Council.
Bridport Arts Centre director Mick Smith said: “We consulted young people in the town and asked what they wanted on the mural.
“It was basically more colour and less beige!
“They painted images that were themed around their ability to still live here when they’re older rather than move on to find work. They also themed their painting around finding a work/life balance, around the fact that Bridport is quite an artistic town that is very close to the sea.
“There was strong collaboration on a number of aspects.”

Mural 2022 07 29 at 07.33.42
Mick added: “The aim of the mural project was to encourage young people to design and create an ambitious artwork in the town that celebrated the local area and gave voice to their views for the future.”
The new mural is believed to be the longest in the UK, with the previous record held by a mural in Doncaster that measures 108 metres.

Zac Dixon
Bridport artists Marina Renee-Cemmick, Jo Burlington, Kate Genevieve, Immy Nailen, Molly Bruce, Delphine Jones and Annalisa Renee supported students during the painting, braving the hottest day of the year.
Local artist Marina Renee-Cemmick said: “We’ve tried to transform 66 panels of concrete into something that’s exciting, energetic, and colourful for everyone to enjoy.
“When you create a nice environment and space that’s interesting for people, they enjoy it rather than defacing it, because they feel a part of it.”
Colfox student Zac Dixon said: “This is the first time I’ve done spray-painting so it’s quite exciting. “I’ve never done anything like this.
“This was such a grey wall so it’s a lot more interesting and hopefully, this says something about what we want in Bridport.”
Bridport Mayor Ian Bark said: “It has been a long-held ambition to brighten up the walk into town from the club car park. What a great job they’ve done.”

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